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Welcome to SakarTechLab! let’s discuss Remarkable Price Drops in Used Electric Vehicles. Do you intend to purchase an electric vehicle (EV)? We do have some exciting news, though! Over the past year, used EV prices have plummeted, providing tremendous savings for astute purchasers. A recent analysis by the auto industry analytics company iSeeCars found that used EV prices fell by a startling 29.5% in June when compared to the same month last year.

Overall Price Drops in Used Cars: Average Drop of 3.6% in a Month

In fact, compared to a year earlier, the average cost of a used car dropped by 3.6%, or $1,237, just last month. Notably, used Tesla car costs have significantly dropped. The highest decrease in price over the past 12 months was seen in the used price of a Tesla Model 3, which fell by 30.5% or $16,258 from the previous year. Prices for the Tesla Model X, Nissan Leaf, and Tesla Model S fell by more than 19% in June.

“Overall, prices for used cars have been stabilizing,” Carl Brower, an executive analyst at iSeeCars, said. However, the price of used EVs has significantly dropped this year, with major discounts occurring each month and showing no indications of slowing down.

Monthly Trends: Steep Decline in Used EV Prices since January

The price decrease for EVs started in January when it fell 8.8% from the previous month. Since then, there have been some even more striking drops: 13.8% in February, 16.8% in March, 24% in April, and a staggering 28.9% in May.

Tesla, Nissan Leaf - Remarkable Price Drops in Used Electric Vehicles

EVs Lead the Way: More Than 19% Price Drop for Tesla, Nissan Leaf, and More

The record-high gas prices in Ukraine this summer spurred an extraordinary demand for electric cars, which outstripped the supply chain difficulties encountered by automakers. Although the supply chain constraints were severe in June of the previous year, EV purchasers are now ready to spend thousands less for a secondhand car than the prior owner did.

2023 NissanLEAF EV

According to Brower, “Prices for used electric vehicles have decreased in 2023, with a trend that has been accelerating month after month since January, particularly with the price reductions on new models from Tesla. Since Tesla controls a sizable portion of the used EV market, the sharp price drops have affected the whole sector.

It’s important to remember that certain used automobiles continue to see price hikes. For instance, the cost of a used Mercedes-Benz S-Class has increased by 14.3% (or $12,352) from last year. The Fiat 500X, Chevrolet Suburban, Porsche 911 Convertible, and Porsche 718 Cayman were among the top five used vehicles featured in the research. These vehicles had the highest price rises in the previous year owing to “ongoing demand for performance models, SUVs, and trucks.”

iSeeCars Analysis: Used EV Prices Plummeted by 29.5% in June

From June 2022 to June 2023, iSeeCars looked at more than 1.8 million used automobiles that were five years old or older for their investigation, comparing the average listing costs for each car type throughout the two time periods.


This is the perfect moment to purchase a secondhand electric car if you’ve been thinking about doing so. You can select an affordable, environmentally friendly transport that meets your needs now that prices have dropped to new lows. Don’t pass up these exciting discounts!


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